Welcome to Prefma

Prefma ab was founded in 1985 and we are located in a east parts of Sweden

on the follows address:





 About us

Our speciality is service and reparations job for machines to Plastic Industry.

We have sales offers for used machinery and reconditioned peripheral units for

plastic materials processing.

Also we have to sales a large stock of second-hand mechanical and electrical

components and materials for automation of injection or blow moulding technologies

and a different parts for injection moulders manufacturerning: Cylinders with piston rod,

Rod less cylinders, Drivers with linear guide, Universal valve terminals for pneumatic

applications, PLC controllers, Spure wheel back-geared motors, Proximity switches PNP-NPN,

Security switches, Aluminium profiles with the fasterners, Hydraulics pumps and components.

Second-hand parts for injection mould manufacturering including the: Mould bases, Ejector pins,

Hot runners systems, Temperature controllers, Hasco 2 steps ejectors, Core pullning cylinders,.... 


Stefan Puscas

Manager:Tel.0046 416 33249

                Fax.0046 416 33259

    Mobile 0046 705332817

    E-mail ab.prefma@telia.com

    E-mail ab.prefma@sjobo.nu